McDonald’s worker serenades customers in Liverpool Street branch

Retail is a rite of passage – and it's undoubtedly a character-building experience. In fact, six in 10 Americans have worked a retail job, with nearly a third (32 per cent) of all first jobs being in the industry.

Arguably, patience is more valuable than customer service skills with the influx of challenging customers daily. In this instance, a 7-Eleven employee let his customer-facing facade slip when a "Karen" got mad for being overcharged by a dollar that she eventually received back.

Posted by TikTok user @thatsyesi, the viral footage showed the employee setting the customer straight. "My brother sent me this video of a Karen while he was working," the TikToker wrote in the caption. "The lady got mad over her soda being $3 instead of $2."

The employee simply had enough of her alleged behaviour and flipped out, calling her a scallywag.

"Get the f**k out of here with your raggedy ass," he yells at the woman. "B***h, I’m trying to help your stupid ass, and you want to come up here with that bulls**t."

Customers were seen waiting patiently in line while the heated interaction played out.

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My brother sent me this video of a karen while he was working 😂😂which yo raggedy ass 😂karens stay tripping. The lady got mad over her soda being $3 instead of $2 and yes she got her money back #karensbelike #karentiktok #viral #711 #plutotvdecades #plutotvisfree #viraltiktok #karen #annoyinhcustomers #viral #virallllllllllllll #fypppppp #fypシ゚viral

Hundreds of fellow TikTokers and retail workers flocked to the clip to praise the man for his standing his ground.

"After working customer service, I don’t see anything wrong here," one said, while another declared: "That man needs a bonus! A raise! A promotion and a 4 week paid vacation!!"

A third user added: "Yasss I’ve been waiting to see someone really handling business."

Meanwhile, another called the interaction "beautiful", adding: "This is how all Karens need to be treated."

Indy100 reached out to 7-Eleven for comment.

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