Would you Adam and Eve it?

Mike Bloomfield, 58, was as pleased as punch to have a son, and while his wife, Kellie, recuperated at home he hot-footed it to the registry office to name the new arrival Bermondsey Millwall Den Bloomfield.

Er, why?

Although the family lives in Croydon, Mr Bloomfield was born and raised in Bermondsey, where Millwall Football Club is based. He grew up as a diehard Millwall fan and the name just followed naturally. The team's stadium is known as "The Den", and his grandfather was Dennis.

He had the new mother's approval, presumably?

Actually, Kellie was taken by surprise. Her husband had threatened to register the name before little Bermondsey was born, but she didn't realise he was entirely serious. Mr Bloomfield was, she said, a little "frightened" to come home after making the name official.

Has she forgiven him yet?

There were a few sticky moments but after refusing to speak to him for a couple of days she has forgiven her husband and is coming round to the name. She told Southwark News:

I quite like it. It's growing on me, I think he looks a bit like a Bermondsey, and it's definitely unique.

Has anyone else done it?

The new dad said:

If David Beckham can name his son Brooklyn, then I can name mine Bermondsey!

Plenty of other children have been given football names. In 2011 Jensen Jay Alexander Bikey Carlisle Duff Elliot Fox Iwelumo Marney Mears Paterson Thompson Wallace Preston was named by his parents in honour of the entire Burnley team, and this January a Norwegian Liverpool fan named his daughter Karolina YNWA, meaning "You'll Never Walk Alone", the club's anthem.

But who will Bermondsey support?

He's got no choice - he's Millwall. I'm hoping to bring him down the Den as soon as I can for his first game. They are just going to love him down there.

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