Picture: LHL Astma og allergi/Facebook
Picture: LHL Astma og allergi/Facebook

The Norwegian Heart and Lung Association have really gone for it with a new ad campaign about asthma and allergies.

Picture: LHL Astma og allergi/Facebook

The new campaign features teddy bears which have been made to look like notorious dictators, such as Adolf Hitler, Muammar Gaddafi, and Kim Jong-il.

Picture: LHL Astma og allergi/Facebook

The campaign is designed to raise awareness that teddy bears can collect dust and therefore pose a threat to children’s health...

Mostly, it’s just raising awareness that health campaigns are really keen for your attention.

LHL Asthma and Allergy teamed up with advertising firm Kitchen for the campaign. A spokesperson for the ad agency told the Local:

For children, stuffed animals can be just as dangerous as the world's worst despots.

This campaign addresses how dangerous stuffed animals can be if they are not washed regularly.

We don't think we'll never see teddy bears in the same light again, so in a sense it's a success, we guess?

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