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Experts believe coyotes may have been taking hallucinogenic drugs in California and then wandering into the middle of the road to 'stare down' drivers.

The wild animals are reportedly becoming more aggressive in California, US, and some think the reason is because the dogs are tripping balls.

The Marin Humane Society's Lisa Bloch said coyotes might have found a stash of fly agaric mushrooms. They have psychoactive effects and might be the cause to the animals' recent aggressive behaviour.

The coyotes, which roam the dry plains of the hot American state, usually keep themselves to themselves, but lately have been coming into closer contact with humans.

According to the Pacific Sun, there have been recent incidents where coyotes cause motorists to stop on Highway 1 in Bolinas, Marin County.

The dogs apparently stride into the road and sniff around cars – sometimes even chasing them for a short burst.

It might not be about hallucinogenic mushrooms, however. It could also be that the coyotes have become accustom to receiving morsels from motorist along the side of the road.

Bloch added:

It’s possible that someone was feeding him and thinking that it’s cool, and magical and mystical to have a coyote eating out of his hand.

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