'Artist draws well-detailed mini peach blossoms with watercolors'

A digital artist is using artificial intelligence to figure out what famous cartoon characters would look like in real life and it's crazy how real they look.

Hidreley Diao is a Brazilian artist who contributes to Bored Panda, an online publication dedicated to creative people. The artist recently gained attention from a Buzzfeed article showing off Diao's amazing real-life rendition of cartoon characters.

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Diao's Instagram is filled with life-like renderings of popular characters. It's easy to get caught-up scrolling endless through carousals of strangely familiar people.

Diao's renderings of Disney princesses are particularly enchanting, can you guess who each rending is?

Diao's renderings of The Simpsons are incredibly accurate, without a reference photo it's easy to tell who the character is.

In order to accurately render these cartoon characters, Diao said he used, "Photoshop and three mobile applications, FaceApp, Gradiente and Remini".

The digital artist also tries to render what historical figures would look like nowadays. Diao has done Chopin, Da Vinci, Mozart, Michaelangelo, and more

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