This giant potato might be the weirdest AirBnB we've ever seen


In what's probably the world's weirdest ever Airbnb, you can now spend the night in a huge potato. Yep, that's aimed at you, potato fans.

AirBnb is a useful service that allows you to rent out spare rooms or whole properties you might casually own on the side, in order to make a bit of spare cash.

So, if you happen to have a 28-foot-long and 12-foot-wide potato lying around, why not put it to good use!

That's exactly what the people from the Big Idaho Commission's Big Potato Tour thought when their huge promotional potato was decommissioned from it's service as a massive potato after seven years of being bolted to a flatbed trailer and being carted across 48 states.

The potato is made of steel, plaster and concrete, and is set in a large field that's said to have breathtaking views of the Owyhee Mountains, reports Plymouth Live.

Now, instead of working the country, it's taking a much-needed break, and it rests in a field in South Boise, Idaho, where it's ready to host carb lovers and adventurers alike, in the new form of an AirBnb, reports USA Today.


Kristie Wolf, a former member of the Big Idaho Potato Truck Tour team, is the mastermind behind the conversion. Speaking to the Idaho Statesman, she said:

It’s designed for couples. I think there will be a lot of staycations and hopefully it will be a thing like if your family is coming from out of town like ‘oh, you have to go and stay a night in the Big Idaho Potato Hotel’.

People on social media loved the hotel, with some even dubbing it a 'potatotel” and another quipping that they're 'sure the sheets are starched...', reports Plymouth Live. Oh, stop!

The Big Potato Idaho Hotel is available to book for £150 a night, plus a service fee and taxes.

Frank Muir, president and CEO, Idaho Potato Commission, said in a press release:

When Kristie presented her vision for the potato, the IPC unanimously agreed to donate it to her.

Based on the success of her other tiny houses we had no doubt the Big Idaho Potato Hotel could eventually become one of the biggest attractions in Idaho, further promoting the state’s most important agricultural commodity.

HT Plymouth Live

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