People are baffled after Alex Jones calls Canadian politician ‘an evil hedgehog that just ate your freedoms’
Robertopedia / InfoWars / Alex Jones/ Twitter

Right-wing conspiracy theorist Alex Jones has raised eyebrows after going on quite a peculiar rant.

Speaking on his channel InfoWars, he launched an attack on Canadian politician Doug Ford and criticised his lockdown policies.

He said: “Doug Ford has been elected Ontario Premier and he looks just like Sylvester when he just got caught eating Tweety bird.” [referring to cartoon characters]

“He looks like the most guilty lying disingenuous sack of garbage,” he added, and said he also looks like “a giant demonic ferret” and “an evil hedgehog that just ate your freedoms.”

Jones was complaining that Ford had given local police powers to stop cars and people walking to ensure that people observed stricter lockdown rules that were imposed last week.

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Scientists are projecting that there could be 10,000 cases a day in the city by June, without stricter restrictions.

Jones added: “We’ll never end the lockdown, we’ll never stop the power, it’s always about more, more, more, more power. They want power over you.”

And people found his colourful language completely bizarre. One said:

And another added:

Others were surprised that Jones didn’t see Ford as an ally, given Ford is a conservative and Trump supporter who has presided over a number of controversial pieces of legislation, including shielding organisations from lawsuits related to coronavirus spread.

Nevertheless, fruity language indeed.

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