Alex Jones crashes live TV interview half-naked calling himself the 'best-dressed'

Alex Jones, founder of conspiracy theory website InfoWars angrily took to his podcast this week to yell at followers for not buying products sold in the InfoWars store.

Red-faced and animated, Jones, 48, raised his voice, encouraging people to buy things to support the show.

"This is a war against you and your family of inflation and collapse," Jones yelled. "And they know everybody's going to wake up in the midst of it that's why they want to silence the leaders because they think they can defeat you."

"So when you keep us in the fight you keep yourself in the fight and this is life and death! So go to InfoWars store dot com and get amazing products."

Some of the "amazing products" include supplements, doomsday preparation items, t-shirts that say Trump won the election, and more.

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"Looks like Alex could have a heart attack at any time… Atta boy," Mike said in response to the video on Twitter.

The conspiracy theorist has been criticized in the media for the outlandish theories he pushes on listeners. From Trump joining the New World Order to Democrats sacrificing Ruth Bader Ginsburg, there is no shortage of theories for Jones to discuss.

Notably, the InfoWars creator has found himself in legal trouble after claiming the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting was fake. Jones was sued by families of the victims for defamation and with piling legal fees, Jones filed for bankruptcy in April.

At the end of the rant, Jones added, "If you don't support us, you're helping the enemy" and "this all out war!"

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