Villagers claim tiny alien died in street before body mysteriously vanished

Villagers claim tiny alien died in street before body mysteriously vanished
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Villagers have claimed they witnessed a UFO landing and multiple mini aliens running around before one of them died in the street.

Local residents took images of the alleged deceased extraterrestrial lying in the gutter before it mysteriously disappeared, much to their surprise.

It remains unclear whether a sneaky opportunist removed the alien corpse or whether its E.T. pals beamed it onboard their UFO before making an intergalactic getaway.

The mysterious encounter was reported in the rural municipality of Huarina, La Paz Department, Bolivia.

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Jam Press

Two nights before the dead alien was found in the gutter, residents filmed an eerie green light in the night sky that they believed was an alien spacecraft.

They claimed they then witnessed numerous figures running around the dark streets.

Villagers said the mysterious beings were very small and compared them to goblins.

Local resident Rita Marquez told reporters: “They were miniature beings, like those little people who appear to children.”

UFO expert Juan Carlos Aliaga told local media: “They sent me photos of what it was. This being, curled up."

Jam Press

He added that the “residents know all about this” and said he would look into the matter.

The local authorities also got involved, asking villagers to not say too much about the alleged alien visit at this time.

According to reports, the regional tourism visitor visited the small town on a fact-finding mission and vowed that the authorities would carry out an investigation.

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