Florida man brings live alligator with him on beer run

Florida man brings live alligator with him on beer run

Alligator tucked under arm, he wanders into a convenience store, casually leans against the counter and asks, "Ya'll got beer still?"

The latest viral video to come out of The Sunshine State just be the most Floridian scene possible.

Robby Stratton, the alligator-laden star of the video, would let nothing stop him get his hands on a cold one.

When he sees a man standing by the cooler, he smells danger and shouts:

You taking the last bit of beer?

Live 'gator in toe, he proceeds to chase the man round the store.

He gets the beer. For obvious reasons.

When asked in an interview with Action News Jax whether he was under the influence of alcohol while, er, running after the alcohol with an alligator, he unsurprisingly replied:

A lot of the influence!

He assured the interviewer:

It's not like I chased grandma down in Publix with it or something.

Stratton, who allegedly committed a third-grade felony, is reportedly under investigation by the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission.

He told Action News Jax that he didn't know where the animal cam from.

However, footage later emerged of him appearing to describe where he caught the animal, reports Action News Jax.

You can watch the clip below:

HT Action News Jax

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