Woman’s amazing reaction to landing a new job goes viral after being captured on CCTV

Woman's amazing reaction to landing a new job goes viral


A young woman’s joyous reaction to landing a new job has gone viral after she was caught on CCTV dancing in the car park.

The heartwarming clip was shared on social media by the woman’s new boss, Dakara Spence, with the caption: “So I just hired this young girl and this was her response.”

The CCTV footage from outside The Spot Sports Bar and Grill in Georgia, US, which was shared in September 2020 shows the successful candidate walking into the car park and stopping to look around to see if she’s alone, before breaking out into a celebratory dance.

The video shared on Instagram has now amassed more than 1.5 million views and even caught the eye of the new employee herself. Kallayah, who goes by @Kalaxxyy_ on Instagram, wrote in reply: "Lmaoo! I Had To Do It! I Thought Nodody Saw! I Was Wrong. Thank You Tho!"

In her own video, talking about her viral success, she explained how she had no idea she had become an internet sensation until someone called her.

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Calling her new manager a “blessing”, she continued: “I just be doing these stupid little dances like everywhere, every day. I didn’t know I was getting caught or recorded or anything.

“I am so happy and thankful for that opportunity she gave me.

“She called me this morning like ‘I caught your dance yesterday’ and she was like ‘oh my gosh you’re going viral, you went on TikTok and you were 20 million views’. I was like ‘what? Nah, you’re lying’.”

After reenacting the dance in the video that now has almost 63,000 views, she explained that she starts her new job the following day.

“It is lit, it is L-I-T” she said. “Good vibes only over here - no negativity!”

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