Women reveal what it's like to work at Amazon and do nothing

Women reveal what it's like to work at Amazon and do nothing
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Two Amazon workers revealed what it's like to work at an Amazon facility and get paid to do nothing in TikTok videos.

Lauren posted a video at the beginning of April documenting her experience working at a facility, where there was nothing to do most of the day.

In the video, Lauren explained that by 1:33 p.m., she and her co-workers still had nothing to do because they had "no stations available" so they stood along the walls of the building.

She and other workers were essentially getting paid to do nothing.

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"They've been offering VTO but no one is accepting except a small amount of people," Lauren wrote in the video.

VTO, or Voluntary Time Off, is when an employee is offered unpaid time off that does not affect their allotted vacation time.

Lauren stitched her video with another Amazon worker, Kesha, who also posted about her day filled with no real tasks.


#stitch with @keshabgy27

Amazon's working conditions have come under scrutiny in the past few years for long hours, high volumes of work, and short bathroom breaks but the two women's TikTok videos have revealed the other downside to working at Amazon- when there is nothing to do.

Lauren's video went viral with over two million views. Many people pointed out that Lauren was lucky to get paid to nothing.

"Getting paid to do nothing. Oh the tragedy 😅," a commenter wrote.

"I wouldn't take the VTO. There is nothing better than getting paid to do nothing," another commented added.

Amazon's implementation of VTO has been controversial as several ex-employees have said it is used against them, a 2018 article for Gizmodo reported.

Other commenters expressed their concern for the working conditions Lauren and her co workers faced since many just sat or stood along the concrete interior.

"This is why you need a union. Employees should be provided with basic amenities at a minimum you should be able to wait in the break room," a commenter wrote on Lauren's video.

"Blows my mind how Amazon don't have unions," another wrote.

Whether employees are doing too much or too little, the company is continuing to face criticisms as workers try to unionize.

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