This guy wants Americans to eat more horseradish and the internet is actually united for once

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These days, nobody on Twitter can really seem to agree on anything at all.

But, in an era of bad takes, "fake news", and full-blown Twitter blow-ups, it turns out that there is one thing everyone can agree on: horseradish.

Twitter user Elan @theyearofelan started it all, when he posted what he perhaps envisioned as a Marmite-esque controversial opinion.

The absolute most criminally underused condiment in America is horseradish. It’s good in salad dressing. It’s good on sandwiches. It’s good on fish and with meat. It’s spicy and healthy and delicious. Don’t be a coward. Use horseradish

He said. He went on a thread ranting about how much he loves horseradish, finishing with a flourish:

I have been silent on this issue for too long. Too many friends have eaten bland sandwiches and made boring salad dressings in front of me and I have bitten my tongue INSTEAD of biting into flavorful bliss. NO MORE!

Maybe Elan anticipated more division, but people mostly came down on side. Twitter user @bathsalts2016 said, "My grandpa grew it in his garden, there was always a jar of it ground in their fridge. I grew up on it, so I love it. My grandpa would eat a spoonful if he had a stuffed up nose. Fastest decongestant out there​".

Many others pointed out that actually, it's very common in the South to eat horseradish with your meaty meals.

Of course, as always, there were a couple of haters. One user said, "Counterpoint: when you put horseradish on a sandwich it becomes a horseradish sandwich, and nothing else"

Another said they were traumatised from having to work with it a lot on shifts as a server, which is kinda fair enough.

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