Poundland launches new sex toy range

Americans almost always have a memorable reaction to British language and phrases.

In fact, there's a whole list of words that have a completely different meaning for Americans and British people that should (at least, in our opinion) be regarded as required reading before you visit either country—seriously.

It comes as absolutely no surprise then that the UK has their own version of the famed American store, "Dollar Tree," where everything costs a dollar or the British equivalent of a "pound." You might get where I'm going with this...

Turns out, the UK version of the Dollar Tree is called, "Poundland," and you can't make this kind of stuff up.

For the fellow Brits reading who might question why this is an absurd name, Americans use the word "pound" to describe sexual activity.

Obviously, Americans began to immediately freak out about the choice name of the store after one person took to Twitter to share her discovery.

"hi twitter I just learned that the UK edition of dollar tree is this and I may never recover," wrote

She joked further, "brb drafting change dot org petition to rebrand the erotica section."

"Quick this is important, does poundland have a prime minister or a chancellor (I am American so I do not know the difference)," she continued.

In response, many people shared other hilarious names of European products.

For example, the name of whipped cream in the UK.

Or these German snacks...

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