Police officer berates American tourists for 'taking the p**s' out of King's guard

Police officer berates American tourists for 'taking the p**s' out of King's guard
Moment King's Guard shouts at girl outside Buckingham Palace
The King’s Guards

A group of American tourists got berated by a police officer after harassing a Royal guard trying to do his job.

American tourists seem to have gained an unfortunate reputation for being rude and entitled, at times, while abroad. One woman went viral last year over a TikTok where she complained about how difficult it was to get to the Amalfi Coast in Italy. Another labelled a trip to Australia “bland” and called the beaches “mediocre”.

While on a trip to London, a group of American tourists got a dressing down from a police officer after they were seen harassing a member of The Household Cavalry.

In a viral video shared on TikTok, a group of mostly young women could be seen taunting the guard and trying to get a reaction from him while he stood outside the palace. King’s guards are famously prohibited from speaking or smiling while on duty, with a few exceptions.

The group proceeded to try and guess his name by shouting a series of male names at him and laughing. Some of their more sarcastic guesses included “Sherlock Holmes” and “William the Eighth”.


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A pair of armed officers approached the group and gave them a stern word about why their behaviour was unacceptable.

The officer explained: “Alright ladies, these soldiers serve their country. They take their job seriously. They are responsible for the protection of this facility, they are not an object of ridicule.

“I appreciate you’re having fun, but he’s not having fun. He’s got a long day, there’s a lot of hours he’s got to do. It is tiring, exhausting and you are taking the p**s out of him. We do not appreciate that and I will ask you leave the facility.”

In the comments, people criticised the tourists for their actions and praised the officer for his decisive action.

Someone wrote: “They think they’re at Disneyland and he’s dressed as a character to laugh and perform for them.”

Another said: “As an American I am literally appalled by their behavior. My sincerest apologies for their lack of respect.”

One TikToker praised the officer, writing: “Well said! Tourists should have more respect for countries they're visiting.”

“Well done officer,” another said.

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