American woman asks internet to explain what Wetherspoons is and Brits gave her the best response

American woman asks internet to explain what Wetherspoons is and Brits gave her the best response
Photo courtesy of @clairefromwhere/TikTok

An American woman went viral on TikTok as she asked the internet to explain Wetherspoons, a pub chain in the UK that she realised holds a special place in the hearts of many Brits.

Claire, who goes by @clairefromwhere on the platform, asked the internet to break down what the obsession is all about.

In the video, captioned: "HELP AN AMERICAN GIRL OUT PLS/THX 🇺🇸🍺🍺🍺," she asked, "Can someone please explain what Wetherspoons is because I keep seeing it everywhere,” she began.

"And I know it's not like a specific bar or specific pub, but I just— I don't get it," she continued.

Then she whispered, "What is it?"

"What is it?"Photo courtesy of @clairefromwhere/TikTok

British people in the comments had the best responses for Claire as they shared some insight about how cheap it is, how the bathrooms are always so far away, and the very basic but filling food.

"It's like a McDonald’s, but they sell cheap alcohol, and the toilets are in another country,” wrote one person.

"Cheap drinks in every single one no matter location. No music. Ages 18-24 and 60+ attend. Must perform a heist before using the toilet,” wrote another commenter.

Another alluded to the occasionally sticky floors: "It's a bit like having Velcro on your shoes, and they have a base camp and team of Sherpas for when you need the loo," wrote a third.

Other TikTok influencers took to the app to answer Claire's question.

Christy Ann Collins gave the breakdown of the cultural institution: "In the UK, everyone calls it 'Spoons, "Three Jagerbombs for a fiver, two pitchers for £12 and you can get yourself a meal and a pint for about £6," Collins said.

She also notes that it's true, you have to walk a bit to get to the loo, but "the price of the drinks makes everything OK."

"It's usually a place in the UK we go for 'prinks' or 'day drinks'," she continued, before saying she wanted to go to 'Spoons “right now”.

"The price of the drinks makes everything OK."Photo courtesy of @thechristycollins/TikTok

In a follow-up video from Claire, she asked what the deal is with the restrooms. Someone in the comments said, "The toilets have a different postcode," and Claire responded with a "HAHA."

“The toilets are like three miles away.”Photo courtesy of @clairefromwhere/TikTok

And that's the legendary 'Spoons in a nutshell.

JD Wetherspoon is a pub company that has over 900 pubs in the United Kingdom and Ireland.

Check out Claire’s original video here.

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