Americans baffled by Tory politician's hair: 'What is going on over there?'

Americans baffled by Tory politician's hair: 'What is going on over there?'
Tory MP Michael Fabricant claims 'many nurses and teachers' also broke law

Americans have suddenly taken interest in Tory Member of Parliament Michael Fabricant's hair - and they're very confused.

The 71-year-old is known for his shaggy blonde locks, which many have speculated is a wig. But now Americans are joining the conversation after a clip of Fabricant went viral.

On Tuesday, the Tory MP told theBBC that teachers and nurses drink in the staff room after a long shift, something he believes is equitable to Prime Minster Boris Johnson's partygate scandal.

The interview has over five million views and sparked a lot of conversation. Many took issue with Fabricant's statements and criticized the UK politician for making assumptions about nurses and teachers. But others couldn't help but notice the Tory MP's puzzling hair.

The Conservative's long blonde hair is just the right fullness and color to seem synthetic, although Fabricant has previously said he does not wear a wig.

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The clip of Fabricant left many Americans with questions like: Does he wear a wig? Is the hair styled that way in loyalty with Boris Johnson? Do other people wear this hairstyle too?

To which most of the answers are, no.

In a 2014 interview with The Daily Mirror, Fabricant admitted "there is some — but only some — enhancement of the follicular area.”

Besides that, Fabricant always defended his hairstyle. In 2019, Fabricant pushed back on a colleague that pointed at his hair during a PMQs session.

While making an appearance on UK dating show Celebrity First Dates in 2017, Fabricant fiercely defended his hair saying, "My hair is me" when a woman he went to dinner with asked him to "get rid of [the wig]".

Even in a Reddit forum dedicated to bad haircuts, an American posted a photo of Fabricant as an example, saying, "Not political; I’m from the US, but - come on!"

Although there is some irony in Americans' confusion toward Michael Fabricant's hair, given the former president's hairstyle.

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