Images of swatiskas and racist graffiti have been shared online, for some they're evidence that Donald Trump's victory has normalised racism.

For others, it's an opportunity to flex their creative muscle.

The fact that getting rid of swastikas now has it's own 'life hacks', is extremely depressing.

That being said, it is valuable work, and can produce a chuckle in these uncertain times. Twitter user @RyokoBebe shared this image on Saturday.

Back to 1995! When there was a Clinton in the White House. Coincidence? Perhaps.

The image originally appeared on Reddit in 2013, but the technique is timeless.

Nor is this the first time artists and activists have transformed the symbol of hate and Nazism, which was itself appropriated from Hinduism, Buddhism, and Jainism.

In 2016, Instagram was home to a trend #PaintBack, where swastika graffiti in Berlin was transformed into insects, animals and other less fascistic images.

One can't help but think that this is exactly the sort of thing the Illuminati-3am-red pill people could do with their semiotic obsession, instead of using it to explain why Ted Heath was a lizard and what the Federal Reserve is.

In Britain we know how to deal with graffiti.

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