Americans are mocking Brits after finding out how hot their ‘heatwave’ actually is

The UK is currently experiencing a heatwave with records showing that it’s been some of the hottest weather this year in recent days.

With fans galore, windows wide open, and ice cold drinks, Brits are trying their best to cool down - but let’s be honest, we’re never exactly prepared for the rising temperatures.

However, our American friends across the pond aren’t feeling particularly sympathetic about the struggles that come with a British summer.

One American TikToker, Rae Harmon made her feelings abundantly clear in a video mocking Brits after finding out how hot our current heatwave actually is.

(Left) The Independent article TikToker Rae Harmon read and then went to Google to convert Celsius into Fahrenheit (right)TikTok/rae_harmon

The clip shows an article from The Independent with the headline: “UK sees hottest day of 2021 so far as temperatures soar to 31.6C.”

Harmon comments on the headline saying: “Oh that must be terrible, I wonder how much that is Fahrenheit?”

The camera then pans to a screen where Harmon makes the conversion from 31.6C Celsius to Fahrenheit, where she gets 88.88F.

Obviously unimpressed with number, she concludes the video with the declaration: “The British are p******.”

The TikTok has since been deleted, perhaps due to the number Brits stitching her video to provide a reasonable explanation as to why a British heatwave is more brutal than it may first appear to Americans.

British TikToker, @Imeyrick was one of those who decided give a proper explanation in response.

He began by saying while Harmon’s video was “probably a joke,” he added that “the sheer amount of ignorance is astonishing.”

You can watch the video in full here.

TikToker @Imeyrick explains as a Brit, why heatwaves in the UK are so hot for the populationTikTok/imeyrick

He provides three great points as to why Brits can’t cope with the scorching heat.

“Point number one, we don’t have air conditioning, anywhere. Apart from, like, retail outlets. Some places will have it. But most homes do not have air conditioning. They’re not built with air conditioning, the best we can have is portable stuff.

“Point number two, is that our buildings are insulated to hell. Because we typically have mild summers and cold winters. So our buildings are designed to hold the heat to save energy costs.

“And point number three, your body will adjust to the climate that you live in. We don’t get that much hot weather, it lasts for about two to three weeks. Our bodies don’t have time to adjust, therefore our bodies literally cannot handle the heat.”

At the end of the clip, he cheekily told Americans: ““Educate yourselves” and captioned the TikTok: “leave us alone we’re hot.”

His response to the original TikTok has gone viral with over 200,000 views and over a thousand comments from people - with Brits and even some Americans - supporting his points.

One person wrote: “I’m from California, 103F summers no problem. I’m in Kent, it’s 80F and I’m dying. There is no relief. Not having AC is a huge difference.”

“I’m from Phoenix, Arizona and the UK heat hit different,” another person commented.

Someone else added: “Also we build our houses with brick instead of wood.”

“It’s so humid and muggy in the UK too, it feels so much worse than when it’s 32 degrees and you’re abroad in Spain or something,” a fourth person replied.

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