Amouranth takes break from Twitch following husband's abuse revelations

Amouranth takes break from Twitch following husband's abuse revelations
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Twitch streamer Kaitlyn ‘Amouranth’ Siragusa has announced she is taking a break from the streaming platform after detailing allegations of abuse from her former husband.

Siragusa appeared upset while on the phone with someone during a live broadcast on October 15 where she then played the audio where a man can be heard screaming at her, who Siragusa later said was her husband.

Their relationship had been kept private until Siragusa spoke out on the platform on Saturday. It previously remained private allegedly as a result of him believing a public marriage would have impacted their "business model."

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A tearful Siragusa also claimed her husband had forced her to do steams, work long hours and even threatened to kill her dogs if she didn't stream for 24 hours.

“All these threats, all these threats,” she said. “All the f***ing accounts are two-factored under his number and he has all the log-in information to things. It keeps you there with the fear and the threats. You fear he’s going to do something to the animals — and then he’s nice again.”

On Monday (October 17), Siragusa returned to Twitch where she told fans she was "happy" to be "free" and confirmed she has access to all of her accounts and finances again.

"He’s [her husband] not here, he’s seeking help. I’m seeking legal and emotional counsel," she said.

The streamer added that she's "positive about the future, I’m happy that I’m free. I’m glad the dogs are ok."

The next day, Siragusa streamed from her stables with her horses and explained she wasn't sure about when she would return to her regular schedule.

A day later on October 19, Siragusa announced that she is taking a break from streaming and added that she is "not sure when I'll be back."

Fans have been sharing their messages of support for Siragusa, who told the streamer to "take her time," and to "take care of herself emotionally and mentally" after recent events.

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