Andrew Neil rinsed for claiming term ‘gammon’ is racist

Andrew Neil
Andrew Neil

It’s been an interesting week in the news. People have had considered debates about the contraceptive pill’s risk following news that young people will be offered alternative vaccines to the AstraZeneca jab due to extremely rare blood clots.

Meanwhile, people have reflected on the bearings of power following revelations about Greensill Capital’s connections to David Cameron.

Amid these complex, nuanced discussions – what’s next? Well, people are chewing the fat about whether Gammon is a racist term. Yes, really.

It all began with Spectator and GB News journalist Andrew Neil.

Writing on Twitter, Neil blocked a user who had replied to his tweet about the print circulation of the Spectator magazine by saying “gammon” and claimed he was racist:

And, in case anyone had cause to not agree with him, he doubled down on his argument by sharing someone’s analysis of the situation:

But despite this compelling argument, people were not sure Neil had fully hit the mark and were quick to ridicule him for claiming that being compared to a slice of cured pork was comparable to centuries of structural racism.

Responding to the criticism, Neil did not give up:

It comes a day after the website for GB news launched, and reportedly glitched for the first few hours it was live (some say a lardon was stuck in the plug socket).

Whether this was the cause of Neil’s chagrin about ham is unknown.

We just wonder what UKIP’s mayoral candidate, Peter Gammons, would have to say on the matter.

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