Model thanks Andrew Tate after she slept with 300 people in one year

Model thanks Andrew Tate after she slept with 300 people in one year
Andrew Tate calls out Jordan Peterson on Israel-Palestine conflict
Andrew Tate

A woman has given Andrew Tate a special shoutout in a new video, after the controversial influencer raised her profile and led to a surge in new OnlyFans subscribers.

It comes after a story was posted about the Australian model Annie Knight was posted on social media in which she claimed she slept with 300 people in a year.

Tate responded to the story on Twitter/X with the comment “haram”, meaning forbidden in Islamic law.

You might think Tate should have kept his nose of the whole business, but his attention has resulted in a windfall for Knight.

Thanking him for inadvertently lining her pockets, Knight posted a video saying: “Andrew Tate reposted me on his Twitter and I've made $56,000 this week because of him.”

The 26-year-old previously stated that she was making around $30,000 per month at the start of the year, but thanks to Tate that number is now expected to be higher.

The story Tate was responding to saw Knight open up about her sex life, saying that she uses dating apps to meet new people.


Thanks Mr Tate ❤️

She spoke about sleeping with both men and women in an interview with Unilad, saying: "I think they both offer different things.

"I think women know a way around a woman’s body a lot better for obvious reasons, but there’s something about sleeping with a man that’s intense and passionate.”

She added: ”So basically, they both have their pros and cons, I don’t think I could pick one over the other."

It’s the most recent headline made by Tate, after he and his brother Tristan called out Jordan Peterson for encouraging war as the conflict between Israel and Palestine continues.

In a recent stream, the controversial brothers, who consider themselves anti-war, smoked and played chess as they branded Peterson a 'hypocrite'.

"I find it extremely asinine and quite childish, hypocritical, and also disingenuous that people like Peterson would call for the genocide and call for war, when truthfully he would hate to be anywhere near a war", the former kickboxer blasted.

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