Why is Andrew Tate asking fans to make videos about his dying Grandmother?

Why is Andrew Tate asking fans to make videos about his dying Grandmother?
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Andrew Tate has been asking his fans to make videos about his dying grandmother - but why?

According to a screenshot obtained by VICE, a message posted on the Tate brother's online platform, The Real World, by their cousin, Luc Tate, offered a "bounty" for those who helped their mission of seeing their grandma. The reward was of unspecified value and was given to the subscribers who created the 20 most viewed video posts in support of the campaign to get the Tate brothers to see their grandma.

"Grandma Tate is sick and dying, she can't travel. She wants to see Andrew and Tristan before she dies," read the post. "The American embassy isn't helping them make this real. [We] want the world to know about Grandma Tate's condition... and ask the question: Why is this happening to American citizens?"

The post goes on to instruct its members - which largely consists of young men and boys - to create the videos using AI or draw on clips of Tate talking about his grandmother. The call to action has led to many videos about Grandma Tate racking up thousands of views across social media.

However, critics are calling it a vivid example of how The Real World - presented as an "educational hub" - is really a way to exploit young men into acting as part of Tate's online PR machine.

"It is our opinion that [this] simply highlights the platform's true intentions - to use and abuse its members for the Tate's PR machine," said Jennifer Sayles, a trainee solicitor at McCue Jury & Partners, a law firm handling a civil case brought forward by women in the UK who say they were abused by Tate.

Many also says it seems like a not-so-subtle way of trying to get out of Romania.

Take a look at an example of these "Grandma Tate" videos below:

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