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Andrew Tate fans have jumped to his defence after a resurfaced interview shows him being brutally roasted – and looking rather upset about it.

In a viral clip declared by TikTokers as "what changed his life forever", comedy host Mike David ripped into the former kickboxer after initially welcoming him onto the show, saying: "We're so excited to have you here, we're such big fans of yours."

After chatting for an hour, things got heated when the podcaster abruptly said: "I wanna let you know everything I was saying was a setup, I was kidding,"

"We do not like you at all. Obviously, you're a goof, this is all a gag."

He added: "You're a fool. You're a joke. We're all laughing at you. We're going to be making fun of you for years to come."

While it's unclear whether David was joking, TikTokers expressed that even they "felt hurt" by his harsh words.

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This is what changed his life forever. #sad #setup #motivation #foryoupage

The snippet has racked up a staggering 7.5 million views on TikTok, along with thousands of comments from Tate supporters.

"That even hurt me," one said, while another user said: "Andrew never did anything man feel so bad man."

Many highlighted "the look in his eyes", while other super-fans gushed over how empowering Tate is.

"Why some people hate on Andrew Tate," they said. "He motivates us to go gym and making money for having a good life … he is a great guy".

Others weren't buying it, with one person commenting: "Everyone in the comments giving him the benefit of the doubt just because it has sad music over it lol."


In the full episode, David continues by saying he looks like a "sweet young boy" that's "going to cry," before clarifying that the show "wasn't after him."

An emotional looking Tate responds by telling David "I'm not worried even if you are after me, friend. I've had much bigger platforms than you come for me."

The clip comes from an older episode of Mike David's Red Bar Radio Show, who has since apologised for his comments:

Redbar talks about his interview with Andrew

"Everybody's speaking about Tate and it really makes me sick," the comedy podcast host said recently.

"I don't even want to watch it back.... I was wrong, I was completely wrong. Tate rules. If you're scared of Tate with all his 'women can't drive' stuff, you're a –"

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