Anna Angenend

Photographer Anna Angenend adopted her dog when she was around four months old.

Lucy had been found on the street, battling canine parvovirus and malnutrition.

A no-kill shelter healed her and she was discovered by Anna on a visit with her daughter.

Anna said:

As soon as Mia learned to talk, she started asking for a puppy.

When she was four years old,the time was finally right for us to adopt.

On Father’s day of 2016, we went to the Pets Alive rescue center in San Antonio to find a new family member.  

It was hard not to fall in  love with all the pups there, but when Mia held Lucy for the first time, we knew she was meant to be ours.

She is loving, protective,playful and hilarious. We adore her.

Given that Anna is a photographer it's only fitting that her photographs of the duo are exceptional.

Just take a look at them:

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