Anonymous confessions are being flashed across a big screen at Brighton train station

Anonymous confessions are being flashed across a big screen at Brighton train station

The hopes, the fears, the darkest thoughts, and the heartfelt confessions of strangers are being flashed across a screen at one of the UK's busiest train stations.

"The Waiting Wall" above the ticket gates at Brighton station is playing host to the existential woes anonymously submitted by members of the public until 27 September.

Spliced between ads for car insurance and pay-day loans, commuters can read confessions such as...

The installation was created by musician and software developer Alan Donhoe and Steven Parker, who together make up Free The Trees, for the Brighton digital festival.

In the age of Twitter, Facebook, Whatsapp, it is rare we are left alone with our thoughts, some may even fear those fleeting moments when it's just you and your head. Something the pair are keen to address with the project.

Their site - where anyone is open to submit a message for the wall - reads:

It's often when waiting, for something or someone, that there is the time to reflect. That can be uncomfortable or it can be a blessing: a break from rushing around where we are never quite alone with our thoughts.

Inspired by the author of Religion for Atheists, Alain de Botton and the idea that Jerusalem's Wailing Wall (the holiest site in Judaism) could be adapted to modern life, Donhoe and Parker seek to promote the notion that "none of us are alone in our own world of problems".

Speaking to the Guardian, Donhoe said:

We're constantly being told that we've got to be happy all the time. We all have faults, make terrible mistakes and are haunted by things like lost love and personal failure.

Acknowledging that you have problems worth sharing is still a big taboo in our society.

Post your submissions here.

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