<p>The shocking incident occurred at an Indiana branch of the fast food chain Arby’s</p>

The shocking incident occurred at an Indiana branch of the fast food chain Arby’s

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A manager at a fast-food restaurant has been fired after leaving a homophobic slur on a gay couple’s receipt.

The incident occurred at an Arby’s in Lafayette, Indiana, and has gone viral after one of the victims shared their ordeal on Facebook.

The man, named Craig Gray, posted a picture showing his receipt and a ticket giving his order name as “f**”.

Gray captioned the post, writing: “So this just happened at Arby’s! Happy Pride, huh?”

The receipt shows the incident occurred at around 1.30pm on 6 June and lists the employee who took the order simply as “manager”.

Gray and his partner, John Burns, had been having lunch there when they noticed the offensive message.

Burns told WLFI News 18 that they were left doubly bowled over by the insult because the person serving them appeared friendly.

He told the news site: “I was shocked, just because the kid seemed like he was new on the job and he was really nice.”

The couple said they immediately called for the manager who swiftly dealt with the inappropriate colleague.

In the comments of his Facebook post, Gray said he and Burns witnessed the employee get fired within minutes, and were compensated for the meal they had ordered.

He continued: “This young man has learned this behaviour somewhere. You know, there are some people out there that don’t get people out there are like this, and that’s wrong.”

An Arby’s spokesperson told WLFI News 18 that the employee was fired and said the action was “unacceptable and not a part of the Arby’s brand.”

Indy100 has contacted the fast food chain for comment.

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