Argos shoppers baffled by curtains that look just like giant cigarettes

iStock/Getty Images/ Twitter

Argos sells probably everything you could ever need – even if the catalogue no longer exists – including a set of curtains that look suspiciously like cigarettes.

The curtains are mostly white, with the bottom third a mustard yellow. They’re attached by eyelets – which might sound like an oddly specific detail – so they fall in folds.

In the product photo, they even look like a 10 pack of cigarettes from above, lined up together.

People on social media thought it was pretty funny – and they asked whether Argos had even realised.

But if you want to get your hands on a set – and add a conversation starter to your room – they’re currently not available anymore.

But you can get another set for the same price – £5.99 – in grey, which probably won’t make you reach for a lighter every time you go to open your windows.

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