Interview with Ukip candidate gets more terrifying with every paragraph you read


It's election season (again) and political hopefuls up and down the country are setting out their agenda's and beliefs in the hopes that they can entice the will of the British public to their camp.

One such wannabe politician is Gisela Allen, who is allegedly Ukip's candidate for the Garscadden/Scotstounhill ward of Glasgow city council.

Allen, when asked by a reporter for the Clydebank Post, has thoroughly explained exactly what she would do to improve Scotland, and we assume, the world.

Here’s a few highlights, as reported by the Post:

  • Allen thinks the SNP is a “public danger,” and that we’re “heading for World War Three”.
  • Allen would abolish golf courses “because they're an environmental threat and a threat to the safety of people”.

Yes this sounds crazy, but have you seen golf courses lately?

Picture:Picture: Ian MacNicol/Getty Images

  • She would support riding stables, and says, “It’s very important children work with horses and ride horses".
  • “I don’t want increased childcare. Women with small children should stay at home and look after their own children. Nurseries shouldn’t get support.”

  • And her ideas for improving education? “Every class should have a classroom and not get moved around." Revolutionary thinking, there, Allen.
  • Oh, and no sex education. Allen explained to the post, “I don’t want any LGBT community, it’s private life, none of anyone’s business". 
  • Surely she has more compassion towards the elderly? “I would abolish free bus passes – these people should be encouraged to walk”.
  • Allen also wants the death penalty introduced, which, at this point, isn’t a big surprise. But, don’t worry, she has some sympathy. “It doesn’t necessarily have to be hanging. You could have the guillotine.”

Although, the best bit has to be where Allen states she would abolish plastic bags to save “animals and dolphins and wales”.

Allen clarifies these are her views and not Ukip's.

Here's the article:

People are baffled, obviously:

Gawain Fowler, Ukip’s head of press, told The Independent:

Having been able to read Mrs Allen’s personal manifesto, the people of Garscadden will be able to make their democratic decision as to whether they wish to be represented by her.

One of the many fine things about Ukip is that its local councillors are not whipped. It is possible that we might make an exception in this case.

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