Woman hailed a 'hero' for helping a struggling mum clean her house

Woman hailed a 'hero' for helping a struggling mum clean her house
Mom cleaning and eating at the same time!

A cleaning influencer has been widely praised for helping a struggling single mum transform her home.

In a viral clip that's racked up over 100,000 likes, Auri Katariina (@aurikataiina) shared the jaw-dropping before and after – and viewers couldn't get enough. The video showed the kitchen piled with fly-infested food, piles of rubbish bags and a mouldy sink filled with dishes.

"This single mom is struggling," Auri wrote, before explaining how she had partnered with a cleaning brand to lend a helping hand.

Auri explained that the woman had escaped an abusive relationship and reached out for help, describing it as "so brave."

"The breakup took all her strength for a while," Auri continued as she shared snippets of her scrubbing the kitchen from top to bottom. When the kitchen was spotless, she provided the mum with food shopping and a gift card.

The footage was soon flooded with thousands of comments, with one calling Auri a "saint".

Another wrote: "Poor woman so glad someone came to help her, depression is so bad but she asked for help which is a big achievement in itself."

A third added: "You're amazing. The way you help these people, and with enormous respect and compassion for their struggle!"

Cleaning brand Scrub Daddy described Auri as a "fantastic person who cleans these homes from the goodness of her own heart and for free".

The brand told Indy100 that the clean took 48 hours and the mum was ecstatic with the results.

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Cleaning FOR FREE with@Scrub Daddy UK ️ | Aurikatariina | Aurikatariina · Original

Auri is renowned for sharing her incredible cleaning transformations across the globe.

The 29-year-old quit her job as a service manager at a cleaning company in the summer of 2021, to pursue her passion of cleaning other people's homes for free.

Katariina, who says she is in "heaven" when she cleans, visits people from all over the world to assist them to clean their filthy or cluttered homes.

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