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A woman has shared an incredible conspiracy theory explaining why Australia does not exist.

Yes, you read that correctly.

Swedish Facebook personality Shelley Floryd shared a post - which has since gone viral - outlining her beliefs about the sixth largest country in the world, and they’re bizarre to say the least.

As Ms Floryd puts it:

If you think you've ever been to Australia, you're terribly wrong.

Your Australian friends? Actors.

Those unforgettable weeks you and your friends spent backpacking around Oz? Didn’t happen.

But how, you ask? Shelley Floryd explains:

The plane pilots are all in on this, and have in all actuality only flown you to islands close nearby - or in some cases, parts of South America, where they have cleared space and hired actors to act out as real Australians.

In her post, Ms Floryd also urged readers:

Tell the truth. Stand up for what is right. Make sure to spread the world - Australia is not real. It's a codeword for the cold blooded murder of more than a hundred thousand people, and it is not okay. We will not, accept this.

Stand up for the ones who died. Let it be known, that Australia does not exist. #AustraliaisNOTreal

Her post has since been liked 31,000 times and shared more than 19,000 times.

And in a further attempt to convince people Australia isn't real, she even shared a world map with Australia Photoshopped out:

Australia is probably feeling a little like Kylie right now.

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