This is how penis sizes compare across the UK


Want to know more about penis size? Well, here's the long and short of it.

Men's health clinic London Andrology has surveyed 2,000 people from around the UK on their penis size.

Using the data they collected they've managed to come up with a rough idea of the most endowed location in the countries.

Here are regions ranked to two decimal places (for all your accuracy needs):

1. Wales, 6.56 inches

2. London, 6.51 inches

3. East Anglia, 6.47 inches

4. Scotland, 6.45 inches

5. North West, 6.41 inches

6. Northern Ireland, 6.35 inches

7. North East, 6.33 inches

8. Yorks & Humber, 6.29 inches

9. South East, 6.27 inches

10. West Midlands, 6.26 inches

11. South West, 6.23 inches

12. East Midlands, 6.11 inches

The UK average is, according to the survey at least, 6.36 inches.

Interestingly, the well-endowed Welsh are allegedly the least happy with their sex life, while the East Midlands - which sits at the bottom of the size table - are reportedly most satisfied (with 57.14 per cent and 71.43 per cent of couples saying they are happy, respectively).

The study also claims that Wales has sex the least: 39.1 per cent hop into bed once a week, while East Anglia topped the rankings with 42.2 per cent.

So, however you might measure up, remember that size doesn't mean everything.

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