If you've been struggling with today's news, here's a skateboarding dog

Meet Eric, the skateboarding French bulldog of Hackney's Clissold Park.

It's very troubling that there are 51 days until this snap General Election, but fear not!

Eric the skateboarding French bulldog is here to win your heart and clam your nerves.

Eric found Internet fame in 2016 when he was spotted skateboarding in Clissold Park, Hackney and he's here for you now.

Claire Maclean is Eric's owner and told the Hackney Gazette: "He was about six months and I was walking him in the park, and I heard a kid screaming".

She went on to say: "Where's Eric? - Eric had nicked the kids skateboard and was rolling down the hill".


Claire claims that Eric has self-taught himself to skate.

You've skated your way into our hearts during these troubling times, Eric you've earned the title of 'good boy'.

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