Boomers tried to say the word 'boomer' was a slur and the Dictionary wasn't having it


If you’ve not seen the words “ok boomer” plastered across your screen over the last few weeks, have you even been online?

Yes, that’s right, gen Z and millennials have officially had it with the older generation. After years of being blamed for everything under the sun, watching their hopes of home ownership and even a habitable planet disappear, the young are finally retaliating.

“Ok boomer” has become the sassy retort to complaints that millennials are whiney or entitled. When a “boomer” – aka baby boomer – starts talking about climate change being a hoax or it always being “better in their day”, it’s become the default response.

A politician in New Zealand even used the phrase in parliament to rebuff an older politician who was interrupting her.

When journalist Taylor Lorenz wrote about the phrase for the New York Times the older generation were not happy about it.

When BuzzFeed’s Matt Stopera wrote a post about the new expression, he also received loads of responses from angry boomers, who suggested the term is a “slur” on a “minority group”.

Yes, really.

Here's some of the higlights:

Naturally, lots of people began correcting them.

And finally even the dictionary were forced to intervene.

H/T: BuzzFeed

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