Baker calls out influencers who expect her to work for 'exposure' in scathing note

Baker calls out influencers who expect her to work for 'exposure' in scathing note
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A Scottish baker has hit back at influencers trying to blag freebies.

Posting on Reddit, a person claiming to be linked to a baker working at the Honeybee Bakery in Glasgow shared an image posted on the bakery's social media accounts slamming people who try to "haggle" with prices or pay with "exposure" by revealing how much work actually goes into making a cake.

The post reads: "What you think you're paying for: a cake.

"What you're actually paying for: a cake, someone to design your cake, someone to buy the supplies for your cake, classes learning special techniques, years of practice, practice, practice, the expensive tools of the trade required to create high end cakes, the utilities to make the cake including electricity, water and gas, self-employment taxes, liability insurance, the hours actually spent decorating the cake, gas plus wear and tear on vehicle for shopping and deliveries, someone with the skill and artistry to pull of the cake of your dreams, and a little leftover to actually go towards paying the rent and supporting a family."

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It continued: "Does it still seem fair to expect a baker to work in exchange for 'exposure', or to try and haggle down the quoted price?

"We don't ask you to work for less, please don't ask us to work for less."

Reacting to the post, people agreed with the baker.

One commented: "Baking and cake decorating are no fucking joke. I’ve taken some of those classes and it’s hard.

"It’s like any other skilled trade: you’re not paying for the cake, you’re paying for the 10 or 20 and even 50 years it took somebody to learn to do that and get it to look right."

"Kudos for your sister standing up for herself. Influencers are a waste of air," another said.

While a third wrote: "I can see a bunch of entitled idiots, I mean influencers get all up in arms about the amount of (supposed) work they must do to get your brand 'out there.'”

Turns out you really can't have your cake and eat it too.

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