Ex bank-robber reveals how he carried out 100 heists before turning himself in

<p>Cain Vincent Dyer would read the room  and tailor his actions to their response  </p>

Cain Vincent Dyer would read the room and tailor his actions to their response


Bank robber Cain Vincent Dyer turned himself in after carrying out over 100 money heists - and wants people to know that they’ll eventually get caught.

Dyer urged Insider viewers to “leave bank robbery alone” before jumping into the specifics of his streak of robberies. “For anyone out there that is watching this and you think you’re going to go commit bank robberies the way I did, or I’m telling you in here, you are going to find yourself in jail”, he said.

Contrary to popular belief (thanks to movies, TV shows and video games), bank robberies aren’t quite as dramatic as depicted. The “put your hands in the air” narrative rarely happens as it would simply draw more attention from passers-by.

Dyer explained that he’d “read the temperature of the room” beforehand and tailor his actions to their response. If people were compliant, he would try “to be more calming.” If not, he would “probably be a little bit more aggressive to the overall crowd.”

“One of the things that I would do initially when I walk into a bank is walk in and go straight to the merchant teller. Because I always knew that the merchant teller would more than likely have the most amount of currency”, he said.

In terms of attire, Dyer ‘dressed down’ to avoid unwanted attention YouTube

Dyer revealed that there were many factors to carrying out a successful money heist. From the location to weather and traffic, he would consider every detail of how the robbery would pan out, especially after knowing that police will arrive in approximately three to five minutes of being called.

Before the big day, he would study “all different types of bank manuals, employee manuals, employee guides, everything. Safes, lock safes, time vaults.”

He said he would “park across the street or in some direction where I wasn’t alone, standing out by myself, my car wasn’t the only one. And I always used a car that would fit in… I always gave myself enough space to get away and then kind of disappear.”

<p>Cain Vincent Dyer would read the room  and tailor his actions to their response  </p>Dyer eventually handed himself in and has since worked with the victimsYouTube

Once the heist was complete, he would simply turn on the radio, roll down the windows and sing along to his music. He said, “Cops pass me. I’m looking at them. They’re looking at me, because what they’re actually looking for is the guy that’s not looking at them. Listen, when a bunch of cops roll past you, or even fire trucks, what do we all do? We all look. So the one guy they’re looking for is the guy who won’t look at them.”

Dyer eventually handed himself in after his “consciousness started to awaken again.”

“I did not understand back in that time, the psychological tolls that the victims suffered. The heavy cost I was having others pay to get out of the situation I was in… I’ve worked with victims”, he added.

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