This artist is paying tribute to Obama with his amazing Photoshop skills


During his final Press conference, President Barack Obama addressed the world with optimism, and said he thinks “We’re going to be OK”.

He said:

I believe in this country and I believe in the American people. I believe that people are more good than bad.


While the world readies itself for a Donald Trump presidency, one Belgium artist clings to Obama.

You might remember Photoshop extraordinaire, Average Bob?

He makes a habit of appearing in celebrity photos:

Well, he’s been hanging with President Obama as of late…

And to say he’s suffering from separation anxiety would be an understatement.

He really really doesn’t want Obama to leave office...

Accompanying him to meetings:

Riding the train together…

Fishing together…

Wolf. Pack.

Conducting diplomacy together:

The President even helps him with his necktie...

In short: We know how you feel, Bob. We feel it too.

And what of Donald Trump? Has he appeared in any of the President-elect’s photos?

Just two…


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