‘Troll’ feet that invaded woman’s personal space on a international flight horrifies internet

One of the worst things you can experience on a long plane ride is an invasion of privacy but no matter what horror stories you might have heard few are ever going to top what one woman saw on a recent flight.

Over on Reddit, user u/brownshout posted a picture of pair of bare feet sticking out from underneath her seat - complete with yellowing toenails and mangled toes that appeared to be going in all sorts of directions.

She captioned the image: “The joys of international travel.”

The image has since gone viral and received more than 47,000 upvotes on Reddit.

As you can imagine, people were pretty horrified by what they saw with many joking that a troll was possibly sitting in the seat behind her.

One person wrote: “Are those feet from the troll that lives under the seat?!”

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Another said: “Those feet throwing some gang signs.”

One compared it to a horror novel: “Its like a Stephen King story.”

Others were disgusted that someone could show such disregard for other passengers on a plane: “Someone who is barefoot on a plane generally doesn’t give a s*** about etiquette.”

A fourth said: “One person admitted: “Honestly I would just be like “get your nasty feet out of my space, that is so rude,” I really don’t think I could tolerate that.”

They added: “You better believe I’d embarrass the f*** out of them lol. This is nasty and I don’t know how anyone could think this is acceptable unless they’re socially inept.”

Some gave her suggestions as to how she might solve the problem. One person said: “Nah, gotta be more passive aggressive about it. Ask the flight attendant for coffee. Make it extra hot. Accidentally spill it all over the feet. Plausible deniability, and as an added bonus maybe the heat will kill some of that toe funk and do ‘em a favour.”

A second said: “Order water, sprinkle some on your hands, pretend to sneeze, flick water on those gnarled puppies. Rinse and repeat till problem sorts itself out.”

Another added: “Don’t just stomp. What you want to do is plant your heel on the toes. And stand up”.

At least one person had something nice to say: “Everyone commenting on those troll toes but all I’m looking at are those sweet ass Vans.”

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