Bartender quits after boss apparently says he can’t get drunk on day off

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A bartender epicly quit his job after his boss suggested he couldn’t get drunk on his day off.

In a series of messages posted to Reddit, the employee published his apparent argument with his boss, which culminated in him quitting after the boss insisted he work on his day off.

In the first message sent at 2.59 am, the boss wrote: “I need you to come in 11 am-10 pm today, we have an event scheduled and one bartender.”

“No thank you. Tomorrow is my day off,” the bartender replied.

The boss then said “you need to be a team player” and urged the employee to come into the bar anyway.

Reddit/ u/ThrowRA_1895

The employee replied, asking: “Why are you just now telling me at 3am that you need me to work 11 hours tomorrow?

“I’ve had a few drinks and I don’t feel like coming into work hungover and working for that long on my day off.”

The boss then said it was important “to stay ready for work” and claimed getting drunk was “not a good look”. He said he needed to cover for others.

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The employee clearly found this ridiculous, replying: “You’re telling the BARTENDER to not drink on his time off? Wanna go tell the chefs to not eat off the clock too?”

Reddit/ u/ThrowRA_1895

He added he might have been willing to work if he had had more notice but, after the boss said they needed to talk about this “attitude”, he said: “Bartenders are needed all over the place now. I think I’ll just go work at one of the dozens of places hiring around here. I’m fed up with you.”

The boss said he would regret the “impulsive” decision in the morning but posting on Reddit, the employee said: “I think I made the right decision.”

Reddit/ u/ThrowRA_1895

And reacting to his story, people agreed with him. “He asked and you said no. He has absolutely no right telling you how you should conduct yourself when you’re not at work,” one said.

“‘You need to stay ready for work’ is the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever read from an employer,” another commented.

And a third said: “I wouldn’t have even answered the text. It's 3am. It's the weekend. My phone is off. (My phone isn’t really off, but you’re messaging me from work, well my phone is off. Everyone else, my phone is on.)”

What a mare.

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