‘This is bad parenting’: Dad almost drops child while catching foul ball at baseball game

<p>The guy seemed to do a better job of protecting his beer than his child</p>

The guy seemed to do a better job of protecting his beer than his child


A baseball fan almost dropped his child while catching a foul ball at the stadium—and the internet thinks it’s basically is bad parenting 101.

Startup-investor Jason Calacanis took to Twitter to share a video clip of the father in the act of juggling his child and a plastic cup of beer while catching the ball.

“Wait, did I just see this guy a) drop his baby, b) catch the ball, C) catch the falling baby, & D) not spill his beer?! Grasshopper! That’s some Jedi/Kung Fu dad ish!” Calacanis tweeted.

But some people in the replies were disturbed by the video citing how dangerous this could have been for a child.

“Why aren’t more people pointing to the fact that this is bad parenting[?] The baby looks traumatized and it is pretty unsafe to get really young kids to ball games...” someone said.

“A real dad ain’t taking a freakin baby to a baseball game so he can sit there and drink for 3 hours. And THEN endanger the kid for a freaking baseball,” another added.

Some people said that it’s bizarre that as a society we seem to glamorize the behavior. They also point out that the dad’s priorities come off skewed.

“A risky stupid [choice] involving his kid. His damn beer means more to him than his daughter. Doesn’t matter if he caught her, he still willingly chose to drop her in the first place instead of the beer,” someone else commented about his questionable choice.

Others jokingly thought that “physics suggests that this isn’t possible” to pull off and that the dad was “next level multitasking.”

See some of the other reactions to the interesting scene below.

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