BBL surgery texts leave guest room host apoplectic

'I wish I'd never done it': Woman expresses regret years after getting …

A woman was left "shaking" after a small favour for a stranger spiralled into more and more ludicrous demands.

It all started when a friend asked whether her sister-in-law could stay in her guest room during a Miami trip for cosmetic surgery.

The Reddit poster (let's call her Laura) agreed – but the favours soon snowballed.

The visitor, who had never even met Laura, started inundating her with "lift requests," asking for rides from the airport, then "a ride for [her] pre-op and then for [her] surgery day and a ride back that day, along with a ride to [her] only post-op on the first".

Confused, Laura politely said she could only help with the first appointment due to work and each trip taking an hour. However, the entitled guest wasn't satisfied, responding: "You could tell your job you need to take me to the doctor?"

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Things soon intensified when Laura suggested taking Ubers.

"This whole thing was for me to save money since the operation itself cost me over my budget," she hit back.

Laura remained calm and simply suggested having a carer with her while staying in her guest house. She also asked whether she would be using a food delivery service throughout her free stay.

In a shock turn of events, the woman responded: "Ummm... You don't cook? What do you eat?"

After further back-and-forths, the Redditor simply responds: "I don't know what has been said to you, but I'm letting you know that my guest room and bathroom are 1,000% open for you to stay while you're in town. You'd need to get your own transportation to and from your appointments and provide your own food while you're here."

The woman hit back and told her to "use her thinking brain," before asking: "What part of saving money by doing this do you not understand?"

The post was soon inundated with thousands of comments about the self-entitled woman, with one saying: "Umm.. sounds like almost nothing has been paid for. You know what would save money? Not getting surgery you can’t afford."

Another said: "'I budgeted by planning on getting free shit by burdening people I don't know."

Meanwhile, a third joked: "Freeloaders love this one simple trick..."

"1. If she can’t afford a hotel and transportation she can’t afford this surgery. Period and 2) If she’s like this in the planning stage imagine what it would be like having her IN YOUR HOME."

You can read the full exchange here.

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