A person’s ‘controversial’ way of eating beans on toast has really upset Brits

A person’s ‘controversial’ way of eating beans on toast has really upset Brits

Beans on toast is a staple and dependable meal that literally anyone can whip up in five minutes when you’ve run out of food options in the kitchen.

It’s simple: You heat up a can of baked beans in a pot, toast two slices of bread and spread a bit of butter on them, pour on the beans and ‘hey presto’ you are done.

It’s hardly gonna win you MasteCheft but it’s tried and tested and hits the spot every time.

Not only is it simple it’s also got some nutrients as baked beans are considered one of your five a day.

It’s really not that hard a meal to mess up but somehow someway, one person has managed to infuriate a small portion of the internet by introducing a new method to eating this humble meal.

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In a post on the Reddit forum Casual UK, one person wrote: “I’d say the most controversial thing about me is how I eat my beans on toast,” and followed it up with this picture.

This ladies and gentleman, this isn’t beans on toast but just a bowl of beans with a few slices of toast diced up into croutons.

To be impartial we’re not going to give our thoughts on what’s going on here but let’s just say the fine folks of Reddit were not impressed.

One person commented: “That’s toast on beans mate.”

A second said: “Haricot Tomates avec Croutons, more like.”

A third wrote: “Did you just show the bread the toaster?”

The person was also called an “anarchist” while there were also calls to take this to the government. One person said: “If we all club together we can have a petition signed and in front of parliament tomorrow to prevent this blatant abuse of our traditions.”

However, have we underestimated this meal. As the Redditor explained there is more to this than meets the eye: “I put a piece of camembert on the bottom of the bowl! It melts bc the beans are so hot and I get chunk of melty cheesy goo with my spoon for each bite.”

Not gonna lie, that sounds pretty great and definitely something you would pay too much for in a posh restaurant.

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