Doorcam captures moment bear makes off with family's takeaway delivery

Doorcam captures moment bear makes off with family's takeaway delivery
Bear swipes food from front porch, causes confusion as family search for …
@alexvelasquezoficial / TMX

A family who ordered a takeaway was disappointed when they opened the door to find their order was missing, but it wasn't a neighbour who stole the food... it was a bear.

In the video posted to TikTok by @alexvelasquezoficial, a delivery driver walked up to their home in Orlando, Florida, to place a Taco Bell order for Laidy Gutierrez and Daniel Bula on the front porch and took a photo of the bag to prove it had been successfully delivered.

But just moments later, the doorcam caught a big black bear on camera as it sauntered up to the front door and picked up the Taco Bell goods worth $45 in its mouth and proceeded to wander off.


Increible la inseguridad en esta ciudad de (Orlando Florida) definitivamente ni estamos seguros ni en nustra propia casa👮‍♀️ladron en captado en camara

However, the bear wasn't done and came back for more.

"He came, and he grabbed the food – then he came again for the soda," Nicole Castro told Fox News.

The door cam then showed the Velasquez family as they appeared confused at their food order being nowhere to be found.

Gutierrez told the same publication that bears are pretty common in the Longwood neighbourhood and have to check their security cameras often due to this.

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