Doner kebab fans stunned to learn what's in their favourite takeaway

Doner kebab fans stunned to learn what's in their favourite takeaway
World's biggest doner kebab

Fans of the humble doner kebab are surprised to learn what's actually in it.

Presenter Jimmy Doherty delved into the nation's favourite takeaway to find out what they actually contain. In the episode of Food Unwrapped, Doherty bought nine kebabs from different takeaways and passed them onto forensic scientist Paul Hancock to find whether any were made from lamb.

Surprisingly, "most of them contain chicken," he was told. "We've also got a couple which contain beef. Fortunately, we found no goat, no donkey, and no horse in any of the products."

Only one out of the nine kebabs was 100 per cent lamb.

Doherty asked Hancock what results could be expected from a larger sample size, to which he responded: "I would expect to see probably around a 60 per cent failure rate. That would probably be typical."

What's Really Inside A Doner Kebab? | Food

It didn't take long for viewers to flood the comments with their takes, with one concerned person writing: "Even if I could overlook the rubbish mixed in with the meat the fact that these meats are heated and cooled many many times bothers me."

Another joked: "When you're staggering home at 4AM on a Saturday/Sunday morning, you don't give a f*** what's in it. If you're still capable of questioning what's in it, you're not pi**ed enough to savour it."

Meanwhile, another passionate fan of the kebab humoured: "When I eat a large lamb doner kebab I have all the evidence I need that there is a God and heaven exists."

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