Beer called 'Putin is a d***head' goes on sale in the US

Putin promises 'immediate' reaction if Russia threatened

The efforts to raise funds for Ukraine during the Russian invasion are continuing across the world, and now a brewery is going out of its way to support the cause in its own inimitable way.

Pravada Brewery has produced a new beer, simply named Putin is a D**khead, and it’s now being distributed across the US.

The name isn’t the only striking thing about the beer, either.

The label features a depiction of Putin holding a bomb, all while sitting on a throne atop a river of blood.

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As Insidenova reports, the Ornery Beer Company CEO Randy Barnett has batched 3,000 cans of the brew with the original label from the Ukrainian brewery to distribute in the US. Sales will help raise relief funds for Ukrainian.

Barnett said: “It’s obviously not a very flattering caricature of Putin and there is little details about all the atrocities and everything terrible he has done through the years.”

He added: “Everyone loves this! Obviously, the whole world is uniting around Ukraine and the brewing community is a big community, they want to always be looking to help, we’re a very charitable group.”

It’s not the first time that Pravada Brewery first came to peoples’ attention across the world either. They previously changed from producing beer to manufacturing Molotov cocktails for Ukrainians to fight back against Russian forces.

It comes as efforts to raise funds for Ukraine continue across the world.

The country received pledges for $6.5 billion more in humanitarian aid Thursday at an international donor's conference in Warsaw, which will provide urgent help while helping to plan for the country's post-war reconstruction.

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