This bizarre Olympic gaffe keeps going viral in Beijing

For those who have not been watching the Beijing Winter Olympics, you missed out on one of the stars of the show. No, it's not the athletes and their amazing feats, it's actually the flag attendants during the medal ceremonies.

People are getting a kick out of the flag attendants who, during the medal ceremony, dramatically fling the flag representing the medaled athletes outward then salute the flag. With pointed toes, outstretched arms, and a full-body twist it looks like the flag attendants are dancing.

A video of the flag ceremony went viral on TikTok and Twitter, prompting some to question why the flag attendants are doing so.

But what drew even more attention was the small blunder that keeps happening. Every now and then one of the flags lands directly on the face of the flag attendants who just stand there waiting for the flag to rise away from their face.

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The flag ceremony may seem bizarre to foreigners but the throwing of the flag outward is part of a traditional flag ceremony in China. Although it is funny to watch the tradition conducted on flags closely spaced together.

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