The 11 best comebacks in history

Finding that perfect line to respond with after an argument or disagreement is never easy.

Sometimes you'll be driving home, or laying awake at night cursing yourself for only just then figuring out a withering put-down hours later.

So let's celebrate the times people did actually manage to gather their wits, come up with a witty retort, and blow their opponent clean out of the water (figuratively speaking that is)

Here are some of the best comebacks ever, according to the fine people of reddit.

This zinger on appearances

Age before beauty

Even teachers can be schooled sometimes

It's just a bit of horseplay...

Sometimes people may not even realise

You can even come up with great lines after a few drinks

Brutal, beautiful honesty

Simple yet perfect

An new take on Winston Churchill

It takes bravery sometimes

An old faveourite

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