Americans confused as to why Biden had a 'bruise' on his forehead

Ash Wednesday marks beginning of lent

Every year the Christian holiday of Ash Wednesday takes place, with people putting ashes on their forehead in the shape of a cross.

And every year, some people find out about the tradition because they mistake it for a bruise.

This year's victim is no other than President Joe Biden.

President Biden was set to speak at the University of Wisconsin- Superior yesterday afternoon but stopped to speak with reporters on the White House lawn before taking off.

However, whatever the president was speaking about went overlooked as people on social media questioned the "bruise" on the president's forehead.

"Anyone else noticed the Massive bruise on @POTUS head? Is that from a fall or thinking too hard?" Twitter user @Ajaon_of_all said.

"I wonder why Joe Biden has big bruise in the middle of his forehead today? It seems strange to see Joe Manchin to have a bruise in his forehead too! Nether had it the night before." @garryphelps7 tweeted.

President Biden is Catholic.

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Even while speaking at the University of Wisconsin, people on Twitter contemplated the strange mark in the middle of the president's forehead.

People speculated that President Joe Biden had a bruise on his forehead on Wednesday Getty Images

"Watching Joe Biden speak right now in Wisconsin. Looks like he has a big bruise in the middle of his forehead. What the hell did he run into?" @DianeSircy asked.

Sure, to be fair it does kind of look like a bruise. But is anyone else getting deja vu?

Well, that's because this exact moment happened with President Biden in 2010 when the President was vice president.

UK journalist Kay Burley mistook ashes on Biden's forehead as a bruise and on-air speculated the former vice president may have injured himself. Later on, when Burley was informed those were ashes to mark the Christian holiday, the journalist had to apologize to viewers.

Ash Wednesday is a Christian holiday that marks the beginning of Lent, the season of repentance leading up to Easter. Those who observe Lent give up something they enjoy as a sacrifice of their sins.

So what is President Biden giving up this year for Lent?

“All sweets — and you know me, I start off with dessert. No ice cream, nothing.” President Biden told reporters on Wednesday.

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