US South Korea Biden
US South Korea Biden
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Korean pop music (K-pop) is an internet phenomenon, with the seven-piece supergroup BTS being one of South Korea’s biggest bands. Now, after the country’s president Moon Jae-in met with US president Joe Biden in the White House, the Democrat has hinted that he may be a fan of the music, too.

Speaking in a joint press conference between himself and Jae-In, Biden said: “Our people share a long history. Our scientists work side-by-side in both our countries. Our students study together, share ideas and seed new opportunities for future collaboration.

“Our people-to-people and cultural connections are only growing.”

Then came a little less diplomatic – and more tongue-in-cheek remark from the president: “K-pop fans are universal.”

After members of the audience responded with laughter, Biden added: “I can tell those who laughed know who I’m talking about.”

For those who don’t, BTS released their latest single “Butter” on Friday, and given their international fanbase – known as ARMY – it’s likely that Biden is referencing the boy band in his comments.

Given BTS have a global fanbase, K-pop followers were quick to express their joy at Biden showing his appreciation for the music genre:

Biden’s comments certainly prove that K-pop has a global outreach, but we definitely didn’t have him being a K-pop fan on our 2021 bingo card.

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