'Absolute unit of a carrot' found in a shop in Devon

'Absolute unit of a carrot' found in a shop in Devon
Carrots Weren't Always Orange

A carrot has attracted the interest of people on Reddit simply because it is absolutely massive.

The carrot was found in a convenience store in Devon, according to the person who posted a photo of it and shared it to the platform.

Responding to the pic, people were amazed at the vegetable though some speculated that it may be a trick."

Are you just very small with a regular sized carrot?" one person asked.

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Another said: "Forget seeing in the dark, if you eat that you’ll be able to see through walls."

A third said: "We're going to need the classic banana for scale, for all we know you're two feet tall".

And a fourth hungry Redditor wrote: "Oh mate I absolutely love nibbling carrots at work. This would last me a shift."

And there were also some NSFW comments - but we will leave all that unsaid...

That carrot would go towards a fair few bowls of soup or roast dinners if you ask us!

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